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Bart’s dream of driving his car, the Dart, is no secret to anyone that knows him. While previous attempts at making this dream a reality have fallen short, Bart’s son, Brendan has still been working hard to bring this dream to life. Bart’s Dart is in need of some repair before it can be driven and Bart’s visual impairment means that there are very few places where he would be able to drive his car, or any car.

Brendan was contacting different companies for sponsorship opportunities and Mercedes Benz heard about Bart’s dream to drive a car. While they weren’t able to help with the restoration of the Dart, they wanted to help give Bart an extraordinary experience. In the fall of 2018, Bart’s Automotive and Towing hosted their second car show, where Bart received an incredible surprise. In a braille note, the team at Mercedes Benz explained that Bart would have the opportunity to drive a car, a Mercedes-AMG GT R, in Alvord Lake, Oregon.

On November 3rd, 2018, Bart finally lived one of his dreams and drove a car for the first time in his life. He accelerated to over 200 kilometers per hour. Watch the video below to see Bart’s experience!

Bart and Brendan are still working hard to finish their project car, the Dart, so that Bart has the opportunity to drive his car one day.